Your Next Move Could Alter The Course of our Distribution!

Girls and boys, we’re so excited to share this news with you because YOU are endowed with the power to seriously impact how Auld Lang Syne launches into the world!

How, you ask? Seed&Spark just announced an AMAZING GIFT BOX for films that reach 500 followers, which includes thousands of dollars in swag - discounts on services we’ll use to finish the film, waivers for festival fees, legal help, and consultations with industry professionals.

Seed&Spark is ALSO offering these films automatic consideration for distribution. What does that mean? It means the most competitive rate in the industry for placement on iTunes, Comcast, Verizon, Netflix and Hulu, with a young, energetic and buzzy company backing our play.

How do you make this so?


1) Look at the person to your left (or right).

2) Ask that person (your partner/spouse/sister/co-worker/friend/dog?) to go to and click on the blue "Follow" Button.

3) Have them create an account (one click with Facebook--it'll prompt you).

4) Answer the question that appears on the screen.

That’s IT! There are 250 of you following us now, and if each of you does this with one person (or half of you do it with two (HOT)) we’ll get there INSTANTANEOUSLY!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, darlings. By sharing Auld Lang Syne with someone you love, you’re ensuring that the film you helped make will have a future in the marketplace, which makes you a MOVIE MOGUL.

You. So. Fancy. 

Biggest love and gratitude (and more soon!)—
Team Auld Lang Syne